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The JT15D-4 engine is a small turbofan engine built by Pratt & Whitney Canada.


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Pratt & Whitney began development of the JT15D engines after a request from Cessna. Cessna was building a business jet in the late sixties and they needed an engine to fit this jet. The JT15D-4 engines are currently out of production, according to Pratt & Whitney. The first run of this engine occurred in January 1972. It was designed and built in Canada.

JT15D-4 Applications

The JT15D-4 airframe applications include the Cessna Citation II, the Cessna Citation S/II, the Mitsubishi Diamond I, the Mitsubishi Diamond IA, the Agusta/SIAI-Marchetti S.211, and the Aerospatiale SN601 Corvette. Each of these airframes support 2 units except the Agusta/SIAI-Marchetti S.211, which supports 1 unit. The JT15D-4 features the addition of an axial boost stage on the low spool to boost the compressor. The S.211 utilizes the JT15D-4 with electronic supervisory engine control and an inverted flight lubrication system.