VS Doing it ALONE

EXPERTISE - My team has been managing engine HSI's & repairs for decades. We do more than 100/year and have seen everything.

COST - HSI's and repairs could cost as little as $10k, or $100k+. Limit your downside by having us on your side see our Portfolio.

ADVOCATE - If we take on your engine, we will advocate for your interests. Repairs and HSI's often come with considerations about recovering your costs. We know how to get the maximum from another party, insurance company, or warranty. In some situations, we've even went on the shop floor and inspected tear down.

- Our Difference

FLEXIBILITY - HSI's & repairs can get tricky when costs goes up. When this happens, we present ALL options without bias.

DISCOUNTS - Find someone who overhauls more engines than my team, and I'll show you better discounts. Don't hold your breath.

PARTS - The best way to cover your downside on an HSI or repair is parts. This is where my team excels. We go to work finding quality overhauled parts that sell about 60% less than a new part. 60% less and their quality is checked independently by 2 sources to verify it meets the same standard of the parts that go back into your engine.

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