VS Doing it ALONE

EXPERTISE - My team has been managing engine HSI's & repairs for decades. We do more than 100/year and have seen everything.

COST - The world's largest fleets can't compete with our discounts and resources. Check out our Portfolio.

TIME - Engine overhaul is nuanced like tax, construction, insurance, etc. Do you take time to learn to do all those things yourself, or outsource it to an expert? Even the most experienced maintenance managers with 100+ engines in their fleet are outsourcing overhauls to our team.

- Our Difference

FLEXIBILITY - I honestly don't care if you overhaul. You can exchange, fly past TBO, salvage or sell. I'll help you find your BEST option.

DISCOUNTS - Find someone who overhauls more engines than my team, and I'll show you better discounts. Don't hold your breath.

PARTS - About 2/3 of engine overhaul cost is parts. This is where my team excels. We go to work finding quality overhauled parts that sell about 60% off retail. What happens when more than half your cost is 60% off? If your wife finds out, you'll have a new car in your driveway :)

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