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The PT6A-65B & PT6A-65R engines are turboprop aircraft engines built by Pratt & Whitney Canada.


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The PT6A-65B and PT6A-65R turbine engines are large-sized turboprop aircraft engines. They are a variation of the PT6 Pratt & Whitney Canada engine. Intended use of the PT6A-65B is for the Beechcraft 1900 and Beechcraft 1900C airframes. Another application of the PT6A-65B engine is the Polish Aviation Factory M28 Skytruck. The PT6A-65B and PT6A-65R engines have a shaft horsepower of 1173 shp and 1376 shp, respectively. This engine is also used on the Ayres Turbo-Thrush. It is a 218 kg, 4-stage turboprop engine.

PT6A-65B & PT6A-65R Differences

The PT6A-65B has an additional axial compressor stage and increased diameter gas producer turbine wheel. This is the largest difference between the -65B and the PT6A-45. The largest difference between the -65B and -65R is the reverse T/O rating on the -65R. The weight of the -65B is 481 lbs. and the shaft horsepower is 117 shp. The weight of the -65R is 481 lbs. and the shaft horsepower is 1376 shp. Both of these Pratt & Whitney engines are large series engines. Conversion from a -65R to a -65B includes changing the fuel control unit, prop governor, and cambox assembly.