We hold the worldwide inventory of PW121 engines so that you don’t have to call every PW100 vendor to get the same info that we have in one place! Check them out in the list below.


The PW100 family is a series of turboprop engines providing 1800 to 5000 shaft horsepower (1300 to 3,700 kW). The PW100 uses a relatively unusual three-shaft engine configuration. You can read more about it HERE. According to the Pratt & Whitney Canada website, PW121 engines are used on the Alenia Aeronautica EADS ATR 42-300/320. The PW121 engines are also found on the Bombardier Aerospace Q100.

Turboprops using the PW100 engines produce up to 50% less CO2 emissions than other similar-sized aircrafts.

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